King Faisal School Celebrates the 89th National Day

Mon, 09/30/2019 - 11:19

Students of King Faisal School in all levels along with the administrative and academic faculties celebrated the occasion of the 89th National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where School’s buildings, facilities, and main sport fields were decorated with the national flags and national-inspired paintings to lend harmony to the celebrations and reflect the joy and happiness of this momentous day to the hearts of all Saudi people honoring victories of the Founder King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Saud – may Allah bless his soul– and recalling his great achievements to unite all regions of the Kingdom under the banner of eternal unification, which has been preserved by the noble successors, sons of Late King Abdulaziz. Celebrations began at the Pre-School with performing the folklore dance (Al-Ardah) and blasting national songs through the campus showcasing the Saudi cultural traditions.  Furthermore, students were briefed on a part of the Kingdom’s heritage such as: camels and the most famous mouthwatering traditional dishes, then they released green balloons in celebration of this ceremony. The celebrations continued to the Primary School, where the students participated in writing national phrases to express their love of their generous homeland, as the National anthem was played, and they also interacted with the Ardah band. Likewise, the celebration activities in Intermediate and Secondary Schools had the same interactions among the entire students body where it began with the playing of the Saudi national anthem and followed by sharing their national paintings and participations inside the buildings.

     At the conclusion of the ceremony, everyone participated in performing Al-Ardah dance. The Superintended, Mr. Martin McElhone, extended his great pleasure and sincere congratulations on the occasion of the 89th National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is a source of pride for every Saudi citizen as well as all the major developments witnessed, several milestones reached, historical highlights achieved that shaped the future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.