School’s Faculty’s Visit to The “Historical Heritage Village” at Audat Sudair

Mon, 10/22/2018 - 08:18

The Public Relations and Media Department in King Faisal School organized a recreational tourism trip for its faculty to the “Historical Heritage Village” at Audat Sudair, located at the north of Ar-Riyadh region. Here they experienced the sights, museums and heritage houses in the village; in addition they discovered the cultural, social and historical features all in one site. They also visited the hospitality houses of the village elders and enjoyed hearing elderly’s tales from the past, had a good time together and were interested in asking questions about their life previously. The visitors also saw all the work and handicrafts which were used at that time such as the manufacturing of the agriculture and irrigation tools and supplies, and how they relied on Camels to bring water for them. Last but not least, they enjoyed the most famous mouthwatering traditional dishes.

At the end of the trip, visitors expressed their appreciation about this beautiful attraction and were looking forward for further visits in the near future.