Refund Policy

  • Parents/guardians are to review and sign the School’s Reimbursement Policy.
  • Written Reimbursement Request, signed by the parent/guardian, shall be submitted to either the Admissions Director or the Admissions Coordinator; or an e-mail sent to the Admissions Director stating name of the student, mobile no. and student school ID.

Important Note: (withdrawal date of the student is the date the school is in receipt of such a letter not the date mentioned on the letter).

  • The student is entitled for full reimbursement if s/he withdraws prior to the commencement of the semester including seat booking fees, and shall be committed to only pay SR 1000.
  • Withdrawal during second week of the semester, 30% of the paid tuition fees will be deduced.
  • Withdrawal during the third or fourth week of the semester, 50% of the paid tuition fees will be deducted.
  • Student withdraws after the first month of the semester shall have no right for reimbursement.

Note: the month is equivalent to the first four academic weeks, which is also equivalent to a month of 31 days. This note is only considered for reimbursement policy).

The student shall be considered a continuing student if no signed request for withdrawal is submitted by the parent/guardian.