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Ebrahim Khaled Balghunaim Scholarship 

In memory of Ebrahim Balghunaim (16th December 1985 to 28th June 2022)

Ebrahim Khaled Balghunaim was a student at King Faisal School for many happy years, graduating in 2003, being a member of the first cohort to complete a Grade 1 to Grade 12 journey through the school. After graduating from KFS as Valour Dictorian, Ebrahim attended MIT with similar levels of achievement and academic scholarship. 

Following his premature passing at a young age, a scholarship programme has been established in his name. Designed to support students who would benefit from a King Faisal School education, the scholarship aims to provide financial aid to students who would otherwise be unable to attend a fee-paying school. 

Ebrahim Khaled Balghunaim 

Ebrahim completed twelve happy years at King Faisal School graduating with a wonderful track record of academics and pastoral involvement with the Class of 2003. Ebrahim was a high achiever in the classroom, specifically scientific studies, his favourite subject was physics. Ebrahim had the respect of the faculty and a wide friendship group who remember him fondly. 

After leaving school, Ebrahim enrolled in MIT University and studied engineering, where he once again excelled as a scholar. Indeed upon his graduation, the school received a letter of appreciation from the University due to his outstanding performance. Ebrahim was often first in his classes and performed well in the general secondary exam which was taken by all students at the time. Ebrahim did not confine his efforts and enthusiasm to the classroom, he also excelled in sports and enjoyed many extra-curricular activities including his passion, football. 

King Faisal Charitable Foundation was established in 1396AH/1976AD with the aim of preserving the legacy of King Faisal -may Allah rest his soul in peace- through serving as a platform for supporting and developing the fields of education and scientific research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after the immortal words of King Faisal -may Allah have mercy on him "The education of our youth rests on three foundations: Faith, Knowledge and Work".

King Faisal School was launched in Riyadh in 1411AH corresponding to 1991AD as one of the programmes of the King Faisal Foundation. Since its establishment, it has sought to provide quality education to various groups in the society. It was distinguished as the first Saudi Private School to adopt the International Baccalaureate programme (IB) in its curricula, in addition to the American Diploma programme; as a number of young Saudi leaders in the three sectors, public, private and non-profit sectors, have graduated in King Faisal School.

 In addition to the KFF Scholarship, students may also be interested in applying for the Ebrahim Balghunaim scholarship.


Application Process

 To find out more information, follow this link to Ebrahim's page:

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