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Scholarship Programme

King Faisal Foundation Award Requirements

All Applicants should:

  1. Be Saudi citizens or legal residents of Saudi Arabia

  2. Be of good character

  3. Be a regular student of a Saudi School or a student at KFS

  4. Have attained an excellent grade in the last three years prior to application with a GPA not less than 98% or 6/7 on the IB Scale.

  5. Submit authenticated transcripts and GPA of the last three years

  6. Have attained grade (1) in the basic courses (Arabic, Math, English) as per the progress evaluation system for the last school year if applying for grades 1 to 3

  7. Not be on another scholarship program

  8. Attain an excellent grade in the KFS Admission Test

  9. Be physically fit with no learning disability

Apply Now

Before starting the applicaiton process ensure that you have:

  1. Authenticated copies of transcripts of the last three years, or any available documents for applicants for grades 1 to 3.

  2. Copy of I.D. or Iqama

  3. Medical report

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